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Eat Happy: Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb Recipes for a Joyful Life - Anna Vocino

Free Book PDF Download Eat Happy: Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb Recipes for a Joyful Life Ebook

By Anna Vocino

  • Release Date: 2016-08-16
  • Genre: Special Diet
Score: 5
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Free Book PDF Download Eat Happy: Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb Recipes for a Joyful Life

Eat Happy has 154 delicious grain-free, gluten-free recipes that are also free of any processed sugars. There are meats, fish, sides, soups, starters, casseroles, slow cooker recipes, breakfast dishes, and even desserts to satisfy any sweets craving you might have, all with virtually no sugar. If you are low carb, paleo, are wanting to keep autoimmune issues at bay, or just want to lose extra weight, Eat Happy gives you comfort food where you won’t miss the sugars or grains so your body and brain can feel happy from eating real foods.

In 2012, after almost ten years of being gluten free due to celiac, Anna Vocino found she was gaining weight faster than a tick on a labradoodle. Turns out the culprit wasn’t overeating or too much fat in the diet, but the pesky sugars and grains in all those gluten free comfort foods. When Anna started podcasting with Fitness Confidential author Vinnie Tortorich, she adapted her entire way of eating to do what Tortorich coined: NSNG—No Sugars No Grains. Sure enough, the weight dropped off, the inflammation due to celiac finally calmed down, and for the first time in her life, she learned what it meant to be truly happy about food.

All of Anna’s recipes are delicious, easy to make, and so satisfying, you won’t even know you’re eating healthy. Craving rich, decadent chocolate pots with fresh cream that are delicious but not fattening? Wanna make a grain-free pizza crust that actually helps you lose weight? Dying for pancakes, but you’ve committed to avoiding carbs? How about hearty shepherd’s pie, tater tots, sizzling ginger rice, all made with cauliflower instead of high carb rice and potatoes? Eat Happy offers low carb comfort foods to please the entire family.

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  • First time reviewing a cookbook

    By FlyersFanInDC
    Actually, this is my first time buying a cookbook. The only others I have were gifts I got after graduating college. So far I' ve done the Salmon with lemon dijon basil sauce (although I substituted horseradish mustard for dijon) and the Shepard's Pie (twice). I loved the idea of substituting mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower - though I recommend using sour cream instead of cream cheese. I can't wait to try many other recipes in this book. I never thought I'd find myself reading through a cookbook like an actual book.
  • I'm Eating sooooo Happy

    By TrishAdalePowers
    If you only own one cookbook it should be this one! Every recipe I have cooked is delicious and healthy. A must buy.
  • Loving it!

    By Andrew Ziemke
    I honesty feel like I'm cheating on my nsng diet. So far I've made the Turkey Chili (with beef instead), Chicken Parm, Salmon with lemon Dijon basil sauce, and the Machaca which I placed on top of grilled veggies. Each of these was Awesome!! My wife and son think I'm a genius in the kitchen now. Thanks Anna Vocino. If you write another book, I will definitely be buying it!
  • Perfect companion for NSNG lifestyle

    By B0ardinman
    After being on NSNG for a few months I was looking for more recipes and Eat Happy is perfect. I have made about a dozen recipes from the book and all have turned out delicious and easy to make. I'm not a top chef so having simple recipes with real ingredients is a must. I would recommend this cook book to everyone trying to eat healthy and happy!
  • Eat Happy

    By steve14645
    Great recipes for nsng/lchf lifestyles. Lost 60 lbs with the help of these dishes.
  • Amazing!!!!

    By MillerHD
    This book is fantastic! Always love Anna's ideas for NSNG meals and this cook book is no different. I have this on my phone, iPad, and Mac, and I'm getting it with hard cover! I have used this many times so far, the cauliflower pizzas crust is amazing, and I don't like cauliflower on its own! Keep up the good work Anna, and keep spreading the NSNG love... BTW, I've been eating NSNG since August first and I have lost 35 pounds in just over a month, and Anna's food ideas are a big part of that feat!! Thnx Anna
  • Eat Happy = Be Happy

    By beckykots
    Thank you for this book! I can't wait to try every recipe cuz the first few I've made are fantastic! With a husband who's Celiac finding yummy, healthy stuff can be a challenge but you've made it simple & delish. Thanks! Love the podcast and so happy to be eating happy!
  • Best recipes ever!!

    By amandajl24
    I have already been enjoying the plethora of recipes on Anna's website, so was extremely excited for her book! It does not disappoint! I have an extremely picky husband, and I've been making dinners from this cookbook regularly and every time I get "you are a master chef!" Because the food is so good. Leftovers are almost impossible because the food tastes so good. I recommend this for anyone who is trying low carb or grain/sugar free!!
  • declicious eats!

    By ilovetoeatrealfood
    I purchased this book because I love Anna's blog and I thought it would be great to add more recipes to my rotation. I am so glad that I did, because so far, all of the recipes that I have made have been delicious and enjoyed by myself and others. The pictures are visually appealing, the recipes are easy to follow, and best of all, Anna's personality is still sprinkled throughout. I definitley recommend this book to those who are looking for a resource of healthy and appetizing food.
  • This book has taught me so much about cooking. So easy!

    By Mcguire**96**
    I don't know how to cook so this book is great. She makes cooking fast and fun. Amazing recipes and not to mention, this book looks great with the photos and the way it is organized.