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The Woman Left Behind - Linda Howard

Free Book PDF Download The Woman Left Behind Ebook

By Linda Howard

  • Release Date: 2018-03-06
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 649 Ratings


Free Book PDF Download The Woman Left Behind

Jina Modell works in Communications for a paramilitary organization, and she really likes it. She likes the money, she likes the coolness factor—and it is very cool, even for Washington, D.C. She likes being able to kick terrorist butts without ever leaving the climate-controlled comfort of the control room...

But when Jina displays a really high aptitude for spatial awareness and action, she’s reassigned to work as an on-site drone operator in the field with one of the GO-Teams, an elite paramilitary unit. The only problem is that she isn’t particularly athletic, to put it mildly, and in order to be fit for the field, she has to learn how to run and swim for miles, jump out of a plane, shoot a gun . . . or else she’ll be out of a job.

Team leader Levi, call sign Ace, doesn’t have much confidence in Jina—whom he dubbed Babe as soon as he heard her raspy, sexy voice—making it through the rigors of training. The last thing he needs is some tech geek holding them back from completing a dangerous, covert operation. In the following months, however, no one is more surprised than he when Babe, who hates to sweat, begins to thrive in her new environment, displaying a grit and courage that wins her the admiration of her hardened, battle-worn teammates. What’s even more surprising is that the usually very disciplined GO-Team leader can’t stop thinking about kissing her smart, stubborn mouth . . . or the building chemistry and tension between them.

Meanwhile, a powerful congresswoman is working behind the scenes to destroy the GO-Teams, and a trap is set to ambush Levi’s squad in Syria. While the rest of the operatives set off on their mission, Jina remains at the base to control the surveillance drone, and the base is suddenly attacked with explosives. Thought dead by her comrades, Jina escapes to the desert where, brutally tested beyond measure, she has to figure out how to stay undetected by the enemy and make it to her crew before they’re exfiltrated from the country.

But Levi never leaves a soldier behind, especially the brave woman he’s fallen for. He’s bringing back the woman they left behind, dead or alive.

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  • Best book ever!!

    By yadira.o
    I was in love with the story..... I loved how the story developed how she went through a lot not giving up OMG I can’t still believed I finished the book 😭 I wished the story was longer I wanted to know more about the Go-team and what the future could look like. Although, I loved the development of the story the ending felt in a hurry it definitely had more potential for Bebe’s and Ace’s future together. Totally recommend this book if you love romance and somewhat suspense and most of all military training😁 it totally motivates you to do something.
  • The Woman Left Behind

    By Snow Chick 2
    Once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down. The interaction between the team members made this an excellent read. Jina’s smart mouth added just the right amount of humor. The writing style flowed and made it easy to follow.
  • Roxy11

    By Ink11
    Loved this book! The dialogue between Jina and the team members kept me turning the page to see what would happened next. Her sassy mouth made me laugh out loud several times. I liked that Jina and Levi both had there faults but were perfect together. Will definitely read again.
  • Best book so far by Linda Howard

    By Sybun@
    Once I started reading I simply couldn’t put it down! Great story, great characters and lots of adventure. I can’t wait to start reading another Linda Howard book.
  • Love this book!

    By Bonobo294
    This was my first Linda Howard book, and right from the start, I enjoyed her writing style, the characters and their dynamic on the GO-Team. I stayed up late to finish this book! What a satisfying read!
  • OMG..finished in 8 days

    By mykisme
    This book was so paced, sarcastic and emotionally intense. This is my kinda action book. The characters were so real. Love me some Levi. Love love👍🏽❤️
  • My favorite

    By DomeDr.
    Best. Book. Ever.
  • Too over the top

    By Sunshine2759
    A protagonist that possess a dichotomy of strength yet immaturity that is distracting. Sexual tension and actions are a bit over done with bodice ripper-esque overtones. Exaggerations on all fronts make the plot too far from a plausible story line.
  • Another winner

    By Mac8580
    Linda Howard has another great book to add to her name. I love it! Read it in one day. Couldn’t put it down!
  • Her BEST and My FAVORITE to date!

    By JC Cincy Kid
    I have waited a few months for her latest book and I was soooo impressed with what I just finished. This story is ABSOLUTELY a (5) STAR PLUS! As a reader of this story I felt I was literally feeling what her characters were living. Ms. Howard is up there in the highest echelon of LOVE, SUSPENSE and ACTION writers. JB 68!!! 👏👏👏🤩