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Dark in Death - J. D. Robb

Free Book PDF Download Dark in Death Ebook

By J. D. Robb

  • Release Date: 2018-01-30
  • Genre: Police Procedural
Score: 4.5
From 789 Ratings


Free Book PDF Download Dark in Death

Lieutenant Eve Dallas returns in Dark in Death, by J.D. Robb, the #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense, and takes on a case of death imitating art…

It was a stab in the dark.

On a chilly February night, during a screening of Psycho in midtown, someone sunk an ice pick into the back of Chanel Rylan’s neck, then disappeared quietly into the crowds of drunks and tourists in Times Square. To Chanel’s best friend, who had just slipped out of the theater for a moment to take a call, it felt as unreal as the ancient black-and-white movie up on the screen. But Chanel’s blood ran red, and her death was anything but fictional.

Then, as Eve Dallas puzzles over a homicide that seems carefully planned and yet oddly personal, she receives a tip from an unexpected source: an author of police thrillers who recognizes the crime—from the pages of her own book. Dallas doesn’t think it’s coincidence, since a recent strangulation of a sex worker resembles a scene from her writing as well. Cops look for patterns of behavior: similar weapons, similar MOs. But this killer seems to find inspiration in someone else’s imagination, and if the theory holds, this may be only the second of a long-running series.

The good news is that Eve and her billionaire husband Roarke have an excuse to curl up in front of the fireplace with their cat, Galahad, reading mystery stories for research. The bad news is that time is running out before the next victim plays an unwitting role in a murderer’s deranged private drama—and only Eve can put a stop to a creative impulse gone horribly, destructively wrong.

From the author of Echoes in Death, this is the latest of the edgy, phenomenally popular police procedurals that Publishers Weekly calls “inventive, entertaining, and clever.”

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  • Dark in Death

    By Niecey62
    I love all of the “in death” series. I loved that the plot revolves around a plot of a book and involved a female killer. However, In comparison to the other books in the series, I feel the ending left me wanting more interaction between Eve and her husband beyond the solving of the case & the apprehension of killer.
  • So awful

    By Silverporsche
    She used the word, drek, to describe one author’s work. That is too kind for this book.
  • As always an incredibly good read!

    By Kioke38
    I can’t get enough of Dallas and Rourke! Excellent plot if you love Lt. Dallas, Peabody, Mcnab and of course Rourke you will not be disappointed. JD Robb just can’t write fast enough for me . Already looking forward to the next book.
  • Dark in Death

    By Au re
    Always a pure joy to read J D Robb...already looking forward to the next book.
  • Dark in death

    By Cgpcpa
    Slowest book I’ve ever endured!
  • Done, finally!

    By melodyve
    Ugh. Really- This is on the best seller’s list?! I drug myself to the end.
  • Ok

    By Shoegal00
    It was ok
  • Dark in Death - Excellent

    I’ve read all the books in this series and they are all unbelievably nail biting and heart wrenching at times. This book was well written and kept me interested from beginning to end. I do wish the author would shake it up a bit. In every book a murder - the investigation - husband gets involved - and the other characters are thrown in. Can’t wait for the next.
  • Good circa 2026 Mystery

    By Lakewaco
    Good murder mystery with good tracking tactics. Lieutenant officer married to super rich husband with circa 2026 technology items at home, office, and cars. Pretty cool.
  • Good as always

    By DomeDr.
    Dark in Death is a good book, but not my favorite of the series. There’s always room for more sex, more gruesome details and more mystery. It wasn’t the heart-racing page-turner like many of the others in the series, but still kept me guessing. Nonetheless, this is my favorite book series of all time! Keep them coming!