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Bulldog's Girls - Ann Mayburn

Free Book PDF Download Bulldog's Girls Ebook

By Ann Mayburn

  • Release Date: 2017-09-18
  • Genre: Suspense


Free Book PDF Download Bulldog's Girls

 Bulldog's Girls is a small town/single mother in danger romantic suspense with a hero in insta-love and a leading lady afraid of commitment. There are some dark bits, and the sex is very descriptive, but overall this is a feel good love story that's sure to make you smile. Enjoy your stay in the lovely town of Green Haven!

  Amaya gave up everything to protect her daughter, Peyton, but it wasn't enough and a sadistic enemy she thought was dead is tormenting her from beyond the grave. In a desperate attempt to keep her daughter safe, Amaya flees to the small Michigan beach town of Green Haven where she meets Paul McGregor, a retired football player and her new neighbor.

  Paul, known around town as Bulldog, finds himself drawn to the sassy, beautiful young woman and her adorable little girl. But he's puzzled why a woman who is as attracted to him as he is to her constantly pushes him away. When he finds out about the evil hunting Amaya and Peyton he vows that he will do anything to keep them safe and convince them to be his girls forever.

Bulldog's Girls ends at the 50% point, a special bonus romantic suspense, Guarding Hope, has been included for free as my gift to you.

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