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Wicked Choice - Sawyer Bennett Free Download Book 2020

Wicked Choice Free Download pdf

By Sawyer Bennett

  • Release Date: 2018-01-02
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 194 Ratings


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Wicked Choice Free Download Book 2020

Rachel Hart and I are nothing more than teammates. As mercenaries for hire with the elite Jameson Group, we have each other’s backs in the most dangerous of circumstances. But after a mission gone deadly wrong, we do something we’ve never done before. We cross the professional line and take comfort in one another’s arms.
One night of passion turns our lives upside down with a pregnancy neither of us expected, and one that Rachel clearly never wanted. But I am a family man through and through, and I’m determined to raise my child, with or without Rachel by my side.
The only common thread Rachel and I have is our membership at The Wicked Horse, a sex club that lets us fulfill our dirtiest fantasies with one another. As we become more intimately entwined, I find myself falling for Rachel more and more. Our wicked nights together make us so much more than teammates. And when faced with losing everything, I have to hope that Rachel realizes the most difficult choices are actually the easiest ones to make.

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  • 5 yes please sign me up stars.

    By Ashel05
    Sawyer Bennett literally never disappoints. This book has it all. It’s different than the others in the Vegas series but is consistent and heading a new direction. A direction I like. If you like sexy hot scenes w/ a swoon worthy hero and strong, hot, not scared of dirty sex while scared of commitment heroine, this is the book for you. Perfectly written. Sexy and smoking hot. But all in the feels too! I highly recommend. Rachel is a female in a male dominated industry. Security firm work. Counter intelligence. Brodie is a younger than her ex navy seal. Who respects her. They hook up one night while on assignment. There are repercussions. It’s a phenomenal story. Can be read as a stand alone. Overlaps one scene with previous book. But doesn’t interfere. No violence. Safe book. No triggers that I could name. Have man/partner, toy or cold shower readily available ;)
  • Choice was not wicked so much as satisfying

    By theplainjane
    Sawyer Bennett fans everywhere love the twisted couples in the Wicked Horse sex club romances. Wicked Choice incorporates Sawyer's take on role reversal in a high-risk career in a fictional, non-sexist working environment that includes a single sexy woman in an all-male firm. The woman has skills and experience, is a former Olympic candidate with medals in shooting, her expertise, marksmanship. Plus, she is a reckless thrill seeker. The first part of the story started with a crisis. Rachel and Bodie are coworkers sharing high risk, stressful careers as mercenaries for hire. One night of blow-off steamy passion after a mission that’s gone awry has a life-changing consequence.
  • Another wicked choice ...

    By charlligirl
    Needing to forget the nightmare they've just lived through, Bodie and Rachel have a torrid one night stand. Six weeks later and the pregnancy test confirms her worst fear. She doesn't want to be a mom, or so she thinks. She tells Bodie she will have the baby for him but she wants nothing to do with it. I know it sounds cold, but is it really? Something has happened to cause her to feel this way. There are telltale signs that she doesn't really feel this way, but she has to figure it out on her own. I love her big announcement at the BBQ at Kynan's house about being pregnant and that it's Bodie's. And then she loses her cookies in the backyard. I thought the competition between her and Sal was interesting. They each picked their specialty and then Jericho picks a hot dog eating contest to determine who should lead the team in the next mission. How she didn't lose her cookies there, I just don't know. Overall, this book was chock full of emotions with a happy ending. It will be interesting to see how this couple moves through parenthood. Hopefully we will get some glimpses in future books.
  • Rachel and Bodie

    By Agent$$$$
    Rachel and Bodie work together for the Jameson Group, an elite special forces group. As members of The Jameson group, they are sent on covert missions to gather information, hired as extra security against pirates, or as security detail to the stars. While on a mission that takes a bad turn, Bodie finds himself trying to comfort Rachel--comfort that quickly turns into a one night stand. Since it's frowned upon to be in a relationship with a coworker, they part ways and vow to only be teammates. This is absolutely my FAVORITE Wicked Horse couple!!!!! I loved Rachel and Bodie. She's the strongest woman, but so unsure of herself. She's a past Olympic Gold medalist, so she KNOWS dedication and commitment. She's just never had to make choices that could alter the lives of people she cares about. Bodie is sure, strong, kind, and dedicated. Bodie is younger than Rachel, but sooo much older. He's an old soul. Put the two of them together and "Pow", instant chemistry. Sawyer Bennett was a master at putting these two characters together! So many special moments, anguish, and happiness combined. Best novel I've read in awhile! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
  • Loving this series!

    By Lb2bnmv
    So Sawyer Bennett is one of my all time favorite authors! I love this series! This is the fourth book in the Wicked Horse Vegas Series! Loved how it was different, it just felt fresh! Loved reading about the new group of people...Rachel, Bodie, the whole crew...loved the new assignments. I freaking loved Rachel, she's awesome! She grows so much, so glad I got to read her journey! I loved seeing it all play out! Oh and Brodie...gorgeous, loyal, swoon worthy, loved him something fierce! This love story was one I won't soon forget, loved their partnership and support ❤️ Can't wait to read more about this entire group! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me, highly recommend every single book this author writes!
  • Wicked Choice is great

    By CarolNol
    I have read all of The Wicked Horse series books by Ms. Bennett and loved this one just as much as the others. Rachel and Bodie are co-workers / teammates and after a mission gone bad, Rachel seeks physical comfort from Bodie. This begins a very complicated yet comforting emotional and physical roller coaster for the two of them. While Bodie is the nurturer and Rachel is the skeptical one they still come together after several ups and downs and work together to get through their problems and challenges. Highly recommend this book and hope the new characters in this book keep this series going forward.
  • Different, But Still Really Good!

    By Katiekoz
    Wicked Choice was different than the rest of the series, and I really enjoyed it! Of course I enjoy all the other Wicked Horse books, but I really liked the storyline of Wicked Choice and how it took a different turn from the rest of the series. The beginning was sudden and sort of just jumps right into the action, but then it slows down and keeps a steady pace throughout the rest of the book. I absolutely love Bodie, he's the best. He is so sweet, caring, and understanding and I was drawn to him right away. He gets thrown into an unexpected pregnancy, and he handles it like a champ. I love how he dives in and accepts that he's going to be a dad and that his life may drastically change. I also love how much he cares for Rachel and their baby. He made this book for me. I like Rachel as well. She's definitely a strong and stubborn woman who did not have plans of having a baby in the near future. She struggles with a lot of things throughout the book, but she has Bodie there every step of the way. She makes a lot of progress and I really enjoyed seeing the change in her. The ending was super cute and I loved it. I will say that I wish there was more to it. It felt like Lucas in her Cold Fury series, especially the way it ends, but I loved that book so that's fine by me. I'm hoping they will pop up more throughout the series so we find out more about their future.
  • Keep Your Heart Open

    By Lucy3907
    This story about Rachel and Bode Wright is a little different from Wicked Horse novels past. It’s also a bridge to stories about The Jameson Group. Don’t get me wrong this story is every bit as hot and steamy as the Wicked Horse novels are known for plus an exciting story. Wicked Choice has an accidental pregnancy, major role reversal regarding this pregnancy, facing old fears in order to accept love, and very real danger. Can Bode and Rachel get past these obstacles to build a life together? Just read it and enjoy Sawyer Bennett at her best.
  • 5 Wicked Good Stars!

    By Hmitch76
    I really enjoy the Wocked Horse series. So I don’t even read the blurbs anymore, I just know I want to read them. I didn’t know what I was getting into with Wicked Choice, but I was pleasantly surprised. The blurb mentions a surprise pregnancy. And they aren’t uncommon. But the way the author wrote this one where the female wasn’t ready to be a parent, but the male was, was totally different from what I usually read . I LOVED the twist and I loved how it played out. Bodie and Rachel are team members within the Jameson group. After a rough assignment that doesn’t go as planned they seek comfort in eachother. After that night they go back to the way things were before, just teammates. They’re both members of the Wicked Horse club and after getting their surprise pregnancy they decide to be exclusive until the baby comes. Wicked choice had a lot going going on and I devoured it in one day. I loved the mercenary aspects of it as well as the sexy and hot Wicked Horse aspects. Bodie was the perfect guy and Rachel was a strong, respectable woman. I loved them together and I loved their story. I’m hoping to catch up on both characters in furure installments of Wicked Horse books or the Jameson series spin offs.
  • Get ready to swoon for Bodie Wright! ♥️

    By Bookbruin
    Get ready to swoon for Bodie Wright! He was the perfect hero in the newest installment of the Wicked Horse Vegas series. This is book 4 in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. Sawyer Bennett tells you right from the start that this story is going to be a bit different from the previous books. It still has lots of sexy times and engaging and lovable characters, but the actual Wicked Horse sex club takes a bit of a backseat this time around. Instead, the focus is on the struggles of our hero and heroine and the elite Jameson Group. I really enjoyed this more tame romance (compared to the other books) and Bodie wins for my favorite hero so far. He really couldn't have been more perfect and was just the right amount of alpha and sweetheart. Rachel was also a great heroine, struggling with societal norms and her desire to march to the beat of a different drum. I loved watching their relationship develop slowly and steadily from something casual to something truly remarkable. Probably the most refreshing thing about the story though were the spins that Bennett took on common romance tropes. Rachel was not the typical heroine you encounter. She is 9 years older than our hero and it is actually Bodie, the eternal family man, who is more invested in having and raising a child. Of course, this only made Bodie more endearing. The epilogue was sweet and left me wanting more. I hope this isn't the last time we see these two! *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*