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Eat Rich, Live Long - Ivor Cummins

Free Book PDF Download Eat Rich, Live Long Ebook

By Ivor Cummins

  • Release Date: 2018-04-10
  • Genre: Special Diet
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Free Book PDF Download Eat Rich, Live Long

You can take control of your health, lose weight, prevent disease, and enjoy a long and healthy life. The unique nutritional program outlined in "Eat Rich, Live Long" is designed by experts to help you feel great while you eat delicious and satisfying foods.

Millions of people have gotten healthy through low-carb plans over the years--and a growing number have discovered the wonderful benefits of ketogenic (Keto) nutrition. Many are confused, though, about how low-carb they should go. Now, "Eat Rich, Live Long" reveals how mastering the low-carb/Keto spectrum can maximize your weight loss and optimize your health for the long term.

In this book, Ivor Cummins, a world-class engineer and technical master for a huge global tech corporation, and Dr. Jeff Gerber, a family doctor who is widely regarded as a global leader in low-carb nutrition, team up to present their unique perspectives from their extensive clinical, medical, and scientific/research experience. Together, Cummins and Gerber crack the code that shows you how to eat the foods you enjoy, lose weight, and regain robust health. They reveal how the nutritional "experts" have gotten it so wrong for so long by demonizing healthy natural fats in our diets and focusing on cholesterol and LDL as the villains. In fact, as the authors reveal by drawing on the latest peer-reviewed global research, eating a high percentage of natural fats, a moderate amount of protein, and a low percentage of carbs can help you lose weight, prevent disease, satisfy your appetite, turn off your food cravings, and live longer.

The heart of "Eat Rich, Live Long" is the book's prescriptive program, which includes a 7-day eating plan, a 14-day eating plan, and more than 50 gourmet-quality low-carb high-fat recipes -- illustrated with gorgeous full-color photographs -- for breakfasts, lunches, appetizers, snacks, dinners, drinks, and desserts. Low-carb never tasted so good!

Nutritional sacred cows are constantly being challenged in the media. How much fat should we eat -- and which kinds of fats are best? Which fats can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, and early mortality? Does a high-protein diet increase muscle mass and lead to vigorous health -- or can it promote aging, cancer, and early mortality? Which vitamins and minerals should we be taking, if any? How do we change our metabolism so that our bodies burn fat instead of all the sugars we consume? Does intermittent fasting really work? Eat Rich, Live Long lays out the truth based on the latest scientific research.

"Eat Rich, Live Long" will change the way you look at eating.  Meanwhile you will lose weight and look and feel great.

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  • Great information, but nearly unreadable as an ebook

    By therearenonicknamesleft99
    Ivor Cummins has been a strong advocate of the low carbohydrate diet. In “Eat Rich, Live Long” he and co-writer Jeffry Gerber, MD lay out the basic reasons why the highly promoted plant-based, high carbohydrate diet has not only been a huge decades-long mistake but is behind the epidemics of obesity and a major contributor to heart disease, strokes, and numerous other illnesses plaguing the public. Cummins and Gerber dive deep into the physics and physiology, laying out precisely why quality (e.g. grass fed) animal fats are not only NOT harmful they are vital to proper functioning, and how high carbohydrate diets lead to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Plus there are meal plans and other great advice. It’s hard to disagree with the hard science that’s emerging showing our current diet recommendation have benefitted no one except for the food industry and the sick care industries, including Big Pharma. However! … THIS IS THE WORST-FORMATTED EBOOK I’VE EVER ENCOUNTERED. The type is way too small, and the whole book is locked down such that you cannot change the font size — completely unreadable on a phone, and even a bit small on my 22” monitor. Perhaps it works better in Kindle form, but I would suggest just skipping the ebook and purchasing a dead tree copy. The book is great, the reading experieince in iBook form is atrocious.