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Leadershift Workbook - John C. Maxwell

Free Book PDF Download Leadershift Workbook Ebook

By John C. Maxwell

  • Release Date: 2019-10-01
  • Genre: Management & Leadership


Free Book PDF Download Leadershift Workbook

Lead-er-shift [verb]: The act of nimbly adapting one’s leadership in the midst of rapid change.

The term leadershift may be new to you, but the climate of change that demands it is not. As a leader, you already know that it takes more than staying the course to be successful. The key to not just surviving but to continual innovation, improvement, and influence is to learn how to leadershift.

In the Leadershift Workbook, based on the bestselling book of the same name, author John C. Maxwell helps leaders make the changes the current fast-paced environment demands. He begins by helping leaders embrace seven principles to face every situation with flexibility and confidence:
Continually learn, unlearn, and relearnValue yesterday, but live in todayRely on speed, but thrive on timingSee the big picture as the picture keeps getting biggerLive in today, but think about tomorrowMove forward courageously in the midst of uncertaintyRealize today’s best will not meet tomorrow’s challenges
In each of the lessons in this workbook, John shares the critical shifts he has personally made over the course of his long and successful leadership career, including the Adaptive Shift from Plan A to Option A, the Production Shift from Ladder Climbing to Ladder Building, and the Influence Shift from Positional Authority to Moral Authority. These leadershifts will change the way you think, act, and ultimately lead so you can be proactive and successful in an ever-changing world.

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