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Dominik - Sawyer Bennett

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By Sawyer Bennett

  • Release Date: 2020-02-18
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 297 Ratings


Free Book PDF Download Dominik

As the team owner of the Arizona Vengeance, Dominik Carlson enjoys his bachelor lifestyle. He’s not looking to commit, until one woman walks in and changes everything.
Willow Monahan is fierce, independent, and has no interest in settling down. Not with one man, not in one place. But the more she eludes the dark and handsome billionaire, the more he wants her. Now Dominik is looking to win more than just a championship—he’s looking to win Willow’s heart.

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  • Couldn’t put down!

    By A5michael
    I’ve been looking forward to this story since Dominik and Willow since they first showed up in previous books of this series. Dominik was the perfect combination of Alpha, Billionaire, and gentleman so basically every females perfect fantasy guy! Willow is what all women try to strive for, strong, loving and loyal. These two together are perfect once the walls were torn down and I loved every minute of their story. Christian Fox and Erin Mallon were perfect narrators for these characters and made it extremely hard to stop listening. I highly recommend this book to any and everyone!
  • Hot alpha!

    By mpatane5
    I couldn’t wait for Dominik’s story. Loved how alpha Dominik is and the scorching hot chemistry between him and Willow. Christian Fox and Erin Mallon’s narration is spectacular. Definitely worth the listen.
  • It was great until it wasn’t

    By Orange Mayhem
    I don’t think this is a spoiler review in that you should know by now that you’re getting your HEA. The problem I had was with the climax of this series followed by the resolution. Up until the climax I wasn’t against these two characters coming together, although I will say that in this series vs the Cold Fury series the women are kind of strange with how rich their sports partners are. Willow is strange with how rich Dominik is and it isn’t a problem but I wasn’t a fan of Willow. It isn’t until their fight that I became a fan of Willow and repulsed by Dominik. When we get to the HEA part I am convinced that Dominik is unnecessarily toxic and abusive despite the image the author has tried to foster for the duration of the series (5 books this being the 6th). It’s not romantic and not what I expected from this guy based off every decision he has made over the course of this series.
  • Great Read

    By AshleyHedden
    Dominik (Arizona Vengeance #6) was another great read by Sawyer Bennett. Dominik grew up in the foster care system. He fought hard to become a successful billionaire. With the money he made, he bought a professional sports team. Dominik has always got everything he wants that is until he meets Willow. She is the younger sister of one of the players of Dominik's sports team. She also enjoys shutting down all of Dominik's advances. I really enjoyed Dominik and Willow's relationship although there were many times that I wanted to yell at them both. I can't wait to read more by Sawyer Bennett.
  • Fabulous Story & Narration🎧 Captivating & Heartfelt!

    By Bette H
    Dominik Arizona Vengeance, Book 6 By: Sawyer Bennett Narrated by: Christian Fox, Erin Mallon Sawyer Bennett delivers another outstanding novel in her “Arizona Vengeance” series. I was thrilled to hear that Dominik was going to get his own story, he is the team’s owner and has appeared and played a key part in earlier books. He has a heart of gold and takes interest not only in his team but the players too. His team is more than a team it is like family, there is great chemistry amongst the players, they have each others backs and you see that even more in this book. It was great to learn more about Dominik Carlson, where he came from and how he got to where he is now. Willow Monahan is a strong, independent woman, she loves her job as a photo journalist, assignments take her all over the world, sometimes placing her in dangerous situations. Her brother Dax plays for the Arizona Vengeance and she has caught the eye of Dominik Carlson. Dominik tries to learn more about he does not want to share any info about his sister with him. Willow is not interested in anything more than a fling, she has had her heartbroken in the past and does not want that to happen again and Dominik looks like a heartbreaker. I loved these two together, they are perfect for each other and the chemistry between them is smoking hot. I also loved how it all plays out for them, and when the realization hit her how she really felt about him, was a such a heartfelt scene. This book is plotted out nicely, there is never a dull moment with plenty of drama, a bit of angst, a whole lot of heart and emotions, all leading to an amazing love story. Sawyer Bennett, thank you for another fabulous story & the emotional rollercoaster ride. It is always great to hear from and catch up on the characters from earlier books too. I was rooting for the team during their championships. I am looking forward to hear more from this awesome series! Christian Fox and Erin Mallon are talented narrators and voice actors. They do an awesome job portraying the characters, bringing them to life, giving each their own voice and personality. Erin Mallon’s take on Willow was spot on, she sound as I pictured her, fierce. She was awesome performing the voices of the secondary characters too. Christian Fox’s Dominik was the right blend of Alpha and heart. Both are fabulous storytellers and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this awesome listen🎧
  • Great plot and amazing combo!

    By Phoenix0890
    This may have been on the top of my favorite couples so far & THAT is saying a lot! The whole time I was reading it, I can’t help but swoon over Dominik and Sawyer Bennett couldn’t have given us a better heroine if she tried! I absolutely love Willow! Her fiercely independent side and ‘do not tell me what to do’ attitude matches Dominik’s alpha behavior and I wouldn’t take it any other way! Kudos to Sawyer Bennett!
  • Omg

    By tree7404
    This is now my favorite Arizona vengeance book by far. They are all wonderful but this one I couldn’t not put down and now that I am done I don’t want it to end. Sawyer Bennett has become one of my go to authors. I have been waiting for this story of Willow and Dominik and was not disappointed. There are many turns in this story and I love getting to see all the other characters from other stories and stories to come. I can’t wait for the next one but I now need to go reread this one Incase I missed something.
  • Finally getting the owner’s story!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    Finally getting the owner’s story! After hearing in the previous books the push and pull between Dominik and Willow, I was so excited we were finally getting their story! Dominik was definitely a different type of sports team owner, and the reason for that was his past and it’s why he lives his life a certain way. Willow on the other hand has become somewhat of a free spirit and follows her photojournalism and thrill-seeking dreams through her work. While Dominik is ready to give up his player ways, Willow isn’t on board just yet because of a past relationship, but he’s determined to get her to change her mind. Throughout the story we continue to see how explosive their chemistry is, but also want to shake them because sometimes they were so blind to the other’s feeling or intentions. Nonetheless, I loved how this story ended and how these two were able to get their HEA, and the suspense through Willow’s job added yet another level to the storyline that I really enjoyed. Per usual, I continue to love Sawyer’s style of writing, and with this story in particular I loved that she was able to intertwine one of her other series with it through Willow’s job. While I was glad to get this story, I’m definitely ready to get back to the players and see who’s falling in love next! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Challenge Accepted

    By Agent$$$$
    Dominik Carlson, owner of the Arizona Vengeance and many other businesses/teams, is a powerful businessman. As a child, Dominik bounced around various houses while in the foster system, never feeling valued or good enough. Those feelings of inadequacy made him work harder to make something of himself in hopes of someday giving back to children stuck in the same situation he grew up in. Although he spends countless hours to ensure the Vengeance is on the path to win the Cup, he also devotes many hours working with foster kiddos, trying to instill hope that their dreams can come true if they work hard. He’s strong-willed, successful, dedicated, and ALL alpha male! While there’s never a shortage of women hoping to be “the one”, Dominik can’t seem to forget Willow. The one woman who wants nothing to do with him. Willow Monahan, sister to Dax, travels the world as a photojournalist. She’s beautiful, smart, sassy, independent, and a runner...She runs from her feelings, when she’s challenged, and when she’s told “no”. After having her heart broken, she’s vowed to NEVER hand her heart over to a man again. She’ll “commit” to a fling, but that’s about it. After an amazing night with Dominik, she gets scared and runs. She later returns home to support Dax and the Vengeance’s run for the Cup. The closer she gets to Dominik, the more her fears start to kick in. This time, she accepts a job in an unstable country, placing herself in grave danger... This novel....I honestly think Sawyer Bennett gets better with each novel! In my opinion, this is by far the best novel in the series-ranks right up there with Tacker! Dominik is a businessman, but a friend to all that meet him. He genuinely cares for all his players and has a hand in all their HEAs. Dominik is the perfect blend of Alpha male with a compassionate side. Willow, initially, is a challenge to Dominik. But she becomes so much more! I LOVED that she was strong and not whiny. It was equally nice to see her vulnerable side, the one that Dominik nurtured. The story itself was very realistic and a suspenseful page turner! I couldn’t put it down!!! Hats off to the crossover scene from the Code Name novels. Excellent!!! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
  • Holy Cow

    By Webbhf
    Holy Cow. I’ve been anticipating this book for a long time and it absolutely did not disappoint! Dominik was deliciously Alpha and I loved the way he relentlessly pursued Willow.