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Exquisite Sin - Ann Mayburn

Free Book PDF Download Exquisite Sin Ebook

By Ann Mayburn

  • Release Date: 2019-05-27
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 31 Ratings


Free Book PDF Download Exquisite Sin

I thought once I finally fled the strict confines of my old church I'd be free. Safe from the demons masquerading as holy men. Unfortunately, there is just as much evil in the real world as my former home, and the demons that want to destroy me are still on the hunt. My hero comes from the most unlikely of places, a knight in black leather who is ready to lay down his life for my own. My church may have called him a sinner who was leading me into damnation, but to me he is my salvation.

I've spent my life alone, my heart and soul claimed long ago by the Iron Horse MC. My loyalty to them was unquestionable before a certain freckled angel entered my life. Now my devotion to my club is torn between doing what my President wants, and what my woman needs. It kills me that I'm forced to leave her side when she needs me the most, but if I stay with her much longer I'm going to get her killed. Except my absence doesn't make her any safer. By the time I figure out the true threat comes from within, it's too late to do anything but pray to a God who turned his back on me long ago for a miracle I don't deserve.

(Exquisite Sin is part 2 of Hustler and Lyric's story. Exquisite Innocence SHOULD be read first. For your greatest reading enjoyment, I'd suggest you read the series in order, starting with Exquisite Trouble. In the Iron Horse MC series there is a big long story arch that spans the various books)

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