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Girl Meets Billionaire - Lauren Blakely, JA Huss, Laurelin Paige, Brenna Aubrey, Annika Martin, Layla Hagen, Jules Barnard & Julia Kent

Free Book PDF Download Girl Meets Billionaire Ebook

By Lauren Blakely, JA Huss, Laurelin Paige, Brenna Aubrey, Annika Martin, Layla Hagen, Jules Barnard & Julia Kent

  • Release Date: 2020-03-17
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 434 Ratings


Free Book PDF Download Girl Meets Billionaire

Girl meets billionaire...and then what happens? The road to happily-ever-after has many twists and turns, especially when an arrogant, sexy alpha billionaire is involved. Read 8 billionaire romances that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon in this special edition box set available for a LIMITED TIME only. Night After Night by Lauren Blakely Julia thought she could spend one passionate week in the arms of gorgeous Clay and then leave him behind — but she was wrong. Mr. Perfect by J.A. Huss Seduced by her billionaire boss, Ellie discovers forbidden desires she didn’t know she had. But what if the perfect man turns out to have hidden secrets? Shopping for a Billionaire’s Fiancée by Julia Kent Well-heeled Declan is getting ready to propose to Shannon, but first he’s got to get through his pesky future mother-in-law — and his fiancée-to-be just swallowed the ring! Dirty Sexy Player by Laurelin Paige In order to get her inheritance, Elizabeth agrees to a fake marriage with playboy businessman Weston. It’s supposed to be a temporary professional agreement — until they can’t deny their chemistry any longer… At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey Blogger Mia Strong cashes in on her online popularity by selling her virginity to the highest bidder — with no strings attached. But when sexy CEO Adam Drake wins the prize, all bets are off… Anything For You by Layla Hagen Devoting his life to his younger siblings means CEO Landon Connor has no time for romance. But one look at landscape designer Maddie Jennings leaves Landon hot and bothered... Will he finally consider making room in his life for love? Most Eligible Billionaire by Annika Martin Henry’s mother left the family business to her dog — and left the dog to Vicky, their beautiful next-door neighbor. A “highly entertaining” (USA Today) romantic comedy! Tempting Levi by Jules Barnard Resort owner Levi thinks he’s found the perfect assistant in gorgeous Emily. There’s just one complication: She’s his cheating ex’s little sister…

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  • Tax the rich

    By 😙✌️🥰
    We’re romanticizing billionaires now? No thanks.
  • The Billionaires-Ahhh

    By North of Disneyland
    I loved the book ! Most of the Authors are favorites of mine and the ones who I didn’t know from before will be favorites in the future. Even though, it was a new billionaire for each book they were all different & had different story’s! I can’t say which I enjoyed the most as I’d always think this is the one but, the next was even better or so it seemed! I enjoyed each of the books & would suggest definitely that you read these story’s!
  • Girl Meets Billionaire

    By zoom failure
    Some of these books within the book are worse than others. But, in general, most of them are like a really bad Hallmark movie script (and I usually like Hallmark movies) but with a lot of graphic sex. I mean a lot. Not much plot. I don’t consider myself a prude but I found myself skipping through pages and pages of sex scenes to try to find a plot, dialog or character development. Made for a quick read that way! Some of the books within this book would only merit one or two stars, at most, in my view. A couple of the books within this book were better. But, since this was a free book, I guess I can’t complain too much.
  • Girl Meets Billionaire

    By jk(9
    First two stories were alright, but the others were not. Not worth it.
  • Girl Meets Billionaire

    By R Starchman
    This was a great eight book bundle about billionaires , by eight different authors . Each book had an amazing story of two people finding each other .
  • Lauren Blakely

    By Daddy.loh 😛💙
    This was a very very good box set every book was just as interesting as the previous one but the only thing I can say is. I don’t appreciate that only of the book is a cliffhanger I would much rather have known from the beginning like hey this is a cliffhanger cause that very much so determines if I read something it was very good but still.
  • Good stories

    By WendyR26
    *I've only read two of the books in the box set* Night After Night by Lauren Blakely 4.5 sizzling stars After reading First Night, I couldn't wait for more Clay and Julia. Especially Clay! So after spending a wonderful night together, they couldn't get each other out of their minds. So they decide to spend the weekend together in New York and boy is it fascinating. I could tell that this was something more between them even if they didn't figure that out right away. I really liked that as a couple and they just seemed to mesh really well. Julia is a sweet but strong woman especially with what she has to deal with. And Clay is just one sexy, tough, but compassionate alpha. I just love him especially the way he talks. Man, he sure knows how to get a girl. Anyway, it wouldn't be so easy for them. Not only do they have to deal with the long-distance but also Julia is keeping a secret from Clay and after his ex, Clay isn't a fan of lies. So their relationship goes back and forth. And when it seems that it finally might work out, something happens that makes Clay question everything. This is such a good story and I loved everything about it. Their relationship has its good and bad but mostly good. Thank goodness the wait for the next in the series isn't too far away. I can't wait to see how their story ends and just hope that Julia and Clay get their happiness that they deserve with each other. A wonderful job Lauren! Anything For You by Layla Hagen 4 stars Layla always write a feel-good romance. This new series is all about the Connors-the Bennetts’ cousins and Anything for You is about the eldest brother Landon. From the glimpses that we got of Landon in the Bennetts’ series I was intrigued by him and I was glad that he started off the new series. I loved the interactions between the Connor siblings. Layla does greatness when it comes to the family and once again I enjoyed it when they were all together. But it was all about the romance and Landon and Maddie did not disappoint. They were so cute together and I loved their banter and interactions. They were the perfect match and reading about their love was bittersweet. This was a nice heartfelt read filled with smiles, laughter, sweetness, and passion. I can’t wait for the rest of the Connors.
  • A Most Terrific Collection

    By Doingthisforcoinsssssdzzzzz
    This is a collection of some of my favorite authors! I loved being able to sample other authors I hadn’t yet read but who are known to be excellent.
  • “She was his favorite brand of sexy.”

    By Romance213
    From the boxed set I read: Dirty Sexy Player by Laurelin Paige “Dirty Sexy Player” may be about Weston and Elizabeth, but his mentor Donovan is an important player in this tale of business, lust and love. He convinced Weston that it was necessary for him to marry the heir to the Dyson empire so they could take control of the European advertising market. In fact, Donovan even manipulated Elizabeth into thinking that this was the only way she would ever gain control of her late father’s company. Donovan had them in the palm of his hand and after much discussion, they agreed to the fake marriage. Weston is a powerful and successful businessman who always has a different woman on his arm because he knows what they like and how to please them.. He looks good in a suit, has sexy dimples and intoxicating blue eyes. He never thought about settling down but sometimes your life needs to change in order to add meaning to your existence. He was immediately attracted to Elizabeth’s beauty and brains, but did she have the business knowledge necessary to run an international company? Elizabeth is in way over her head when it comes to business, love and who to trust. She had planned to study for her MBA so she would be qualified to take over the company but when her father died, everything changed. At first she thought Donovan was her intended groom, but of course it was the sexy, skirt chasing Weston who was her husband to be. She believed that inner strength and positivity can get a person through any situation and she was determined to save the company at all costs. Laurelin Paige has blessed us with another page turning story of love, sex and power, which I read all in one night and couldn’t put down. We have followed Weston from his days at Harvard to his partnership with his best friend Donovan. He met his match when it came to Elizabeth and was unprepared for the changes in his life Where will their relationship go? We will soon find out in “Dirty Sexy Games”, part two in this tantalizing new duet.
  • Sizzling Romances by Amazing Authors

    By BBQ griller
    I purchased Girl Meets Billionaire to discover some new authors at a great price. I have only read one author in the set, Layla Hagen. I love her books. Review for: Anything For You is the first book that I read by Layla Hagen and I loved it. Anything For You is the first story in The Connor Family Series. I loved the story and the characters. I really enjoyed how the book is written in the first person and that the chapters are written from Maddie and Landon's perspective. Who doesn't love big families and romance. Anything for You is the story of Maddie Jennings, a landscape architect and Landon Connor, entrepreneur. Landon is CEO of DBC Systems, and decides to take a much needed two week vacation and head home to L.A. to visit with his three sisters and two brothers. Landon has just completed partnership negotiations and feels now is a good time to take some much needed time off. He hasn't taken off more than long weekends, since he wife Rachel died four years ago. Landon arrives at his twin sister, Val's house to discover Maddie. She is waiting on a delivery of timber poles that she will need to terrace Val's yard. Landon helps Maddie with the poles even though Maddie insists she can do it on her own and that he is on vacation. Sparks fly between them and they become romantically involved, even though Maddie and Landon both vowed to not love again. Maddie because of a broken engagement and Landon because of the death of his wife. Love the plot twist, that helps Landon decides what is important in life. It was an outstanding story and Layla Hagen is an amazing storyteller. Who doesn't love happily ever afters.. It is a sizzling romance and an amazing story. I loved the story and could not put it down. Once again, Layla Hagen shows that she is a marvelous story teller. I love the characters, Layla Hagen always writes about strong female characters. Anything for You is filled with Layla Hagen's normal bittersweet and poignant moments, not to mention her usual plot twists that I have come to expect and love! Love thel plot twists in Anything for You, and I am so glad that they all get resolved. So happy that Maddie and Landon got their happily ever after. I love the Connor family.