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Hunter Queen - Ann Mayburn

Free Book PDF Download Hunter Queen Ebook

By Ann Mayburn

  • Release Date: 2020-12-07
  • Genre: Paranormal


Free Book PDF Download Hunter Queen

My name is Synthia Rowley and I'm doing my best to save the world.

Three weeks. The witches say that's all the time we have left to scrape together whatever we can before the apocalypse strikes. How is the world going to end? Will we be killed by a nuclear bomb, wiped out by a massive global war, or swallowed whole by the earthquakes shaking apart the very foundation of our society? Or even worse, will we consumed by the hungry darkness, demons from a chaos realm that appear to be poised to invade our world? I have no idea, but at this point all seem equally probable.

What I do know is that my Alpha is in danger, my Omega hates me, and my Enforcer and Beta's constant fighting makes me want to throw them both off a cliff. Hardly the unified hyena Queen court I'll need to keep my people safe. Now I must find a way to free my Alpha from our enemies and figure out a way to provide a protected harbor for those I love in a world gone mad.

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