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Night Shift - Nora Roberts

Free Book PDF Download Night Shift Ebook

By Nora Roberts

  • Release Date: 2020-06-02
  • Genre: Contemporary


Free Book PDF Download Night Shift

“America’s favorite writer” (The New Yorker), #1 bestselling phenomenon Nora Roberts, delivers an emotion-charged thriller in Night Shiftthe first Night Tales novel—revealing the passionate relationship between a late night deejay being stalked over the airwaves and the police detective assigned to protect her.

Cilla O’Roarke’s voice breaks the darkened, early a.m. silence, connecting with the lost and lonely listeners who tune in and hang on every word she whispers. Admiring, awkward callers come with the territory, but the man threatening to kill her rings in every night, relentless in his cruelty. Assigned to protect Cilla, Detective Boyd Fletcher meets a strong-willed woman who’s suspicious of cops, but willing to accept his help. Now, together in close quarters, Cilla and Boyd find their growing mutual desire undeniable—even as a predator moves ever closer for the kill.

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