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Bandit's Mountain - Donald Miller

Free Book PDF Download Bandit's Mountain Ebook

By Donald Miller

  • Release Date: 2007-06-20
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Free Book PDF Download Bandit's Mountain

Bandit's Mountain takes place in the wilderness of Montana, after an earthquake levels a prison and frees twelve convicts. The convicts embark on a killing rampage in their quest to Canada and freedom. Ben Harper is a man who has the world by its tail. He is a man of honor, a man who keeps his promises. As he crosses the Montana state line on his way home on military leave, he reflects back on his troubled youth and on a stranger he attempted to rob. This stranger would change his life and become the man Ben called his father. Tired and hungry, Ben stops at motel and meets Wanda Jenkins, a lonely waitress. This chance meeting soon develops into a passionate love affair. Ben continues on his way home, promising to return for Wanda. After suffering car trouble, Ben finally reaches his destination only to find his parents murdered and his world shattered. A bloody note, found in his father's lifeless hand, sends Ben off on a trail of vigilante justice to a place called Bandit's Mountain.

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