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Algebra In Action - Barbara Dougherty Ph.D. & John Burstein

Free Book PDF Download Algebra In Action Ebook

By Barbara Dougherty Ph.D. & John Burstein

  • Release Date: 2012-08-01
  • Genre: Algebra
Score: 4.5
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Free Book PDF Download Algebra In Action

Algebra in Action is aligned with recommendations for K–8 mathematics curriculum made by CCSSO, Achieve, and NGA for implementation of the Common Core State Standards. It is focused on developing algebraic concepts and skills for grade 8 as well as serving as a credit recovery or remedial course for high school Algebra I. Developed specifically for the iPad platform, every feature of Algebra in Action is designed to engage students in a dynamic learning experience. Production values far exceed any digital publication on the market. They include:

• animated video adventures, featuring five teen-age role models,
• more than 100 video instructional segments,
• dozens and dozens of interactive learning opportunities,
• digital manipulatives,
• mathematical games relevant to algebra concepts and skills.
• a specially developed writing/drawing tool to allow students to do work and show their progress without leaving the iPad environment.
• the ability to upload student work to a website where teachers can view and comment, and
• the capability for multiple users, each with an individual password, to share the same iPad.

Dr. Dougherty, the lead author is an internationally recognized professor of mathematics education, the recipient of numerous NSF and IES grants, past member of the NCTM Board of Directors, and a frequent keynoter at national mathematics education conference.

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    By lrl292jm
    OMG this program looks amazing!! my son has ADHD and i have to homeschool for that and other reasons and this would help him so much cause he is a creative learner please!!!!!!! come out with another subject other than algebra maybe little younger?? :) RECOMENDED!!!!
  • Algebra in Action

    By A Friend of Apple
    I am a math supervisor in Central Jersey and decided to try this textbook. I was really impressed and asked one of my staff members to download it and give his opinion. It is one of the most creative textbooks I've seen geared to young people. The videos and graphics are spectacular. As a matter of fact I may try to get enough iPads for my Math I Workshop (an additional RTI class for struggling Algebra I students). We certainly need more math textbooks like this to motivate students.
  • Algebra In Action

    By Demon Hunter Dad
    As a mathematics instructor for the past 20+ years, I have seen the evolution of technology in education. This book, Algebra In Action, does a great job combining content, rigor, relevance, interactiveness, and entertainment. What an awesome tool to grab and hold students' attention with! The book has a legit authors with awesome pedigrees that make for a great synthesis for learning algebra. Extremely well done and not at all "cheesy"!
  • Algebra in Action

    By cqyoung
    This iBook takes advantage of all the amazing iBook features and really shows us where education is headed in the 21st century. The production quality is amazing, the storyline engaging, and the content is aligned to common core. What more could one ask for? This book is insanely great!
  • Algebra in Action

    By rachelmchaplin
    This week I bought Algebra in Action for the IPAD. I am simply amazed and pleased at not only the engaging use of technology, but also the mathematical structure of the book! Last year our school did a secondary textbook adoption. I wish that this textbook had been available. I have thoroughly analyzed the content in the book and realize that it provides the shifts needed for the Common Core standards to be implemented effectively into the classroom. The topics in each chapter “focus deeply on the concepts that are prioritized in the standards” thus “providing students the opportunity to develop a strong foundational knowledge and deep conceptual understanding” of Algebra 1 For students who struggle in mathematics, this book offers new and different methods of learning content that had not been grasped in previous grades WHILE allowing them the opportunity to develop and understand the content needed to move beyond Algebra 1. It has a balanced emphasis on both fluency of computations and conceptual understanding. The presence of real world situations provides challenging problems that support the Mathematical Practice Standards. These problems could be used in student collaborative groups to produce interactive discourse, which by the way, must be a part of every math classroom. I recommend this book and it is my hope that Algebra in Action is not the only book produced by this company.
  • Awesome!

    By Brizznad
    Outstanding. Yeah all 10 chapters are now available! I am excited to use this book with my Algebra class. It is higly engaging and it makes Algebra more fun!
  • Awesome!!!!

    By Bunny-Jo
    Never in my life have I seen anything grab my attention for math like this. Going from a "D" student dreading sitting here by choice watching, solving, learning MATH!? That says something for this book. In a word, awesome!
  • Really engages my son!

    By NJ Math Mom
    Amazing and impressive use of 21st century technology! Lots of fun! My son hated doing math workbooks, but loves the action/adventure videos and he's much more willing to listen to explanations from Einstein, Euclid and the adventure heroes, than he is from his mom. The problem sets are interactive and he can do his work on the tablet and save it for me to check it afterwards. No answers in this book. Good intermixing of math labs and games. Unfortunately, this download is only the 1st four out of 10 chapters. We're looking forward to the other chapters as well. Hope you'll do Geometry and Algebra II as well!
  • Very engaging!

    By Dr. Jivy
    As a math teacher I'm constantly looking for ways to engage students in leaning math and ways to make reading about math fun and interesting. This textbook does just that by providing inspiring and rich explorations using videos and other interactive media! Videos from the team offer introductions and challenges while the self-checks provide immediate feedback to students! But my favorite part are the problem sets which complement classroom instruction! As a Ph.D. in mathematics education I've seen many algebra texts, but this is far superior to others in the level of engagement and the quality of content!!!
  • A new way to look at math!

    By ZLH0630
    What a refreshing new way to look at mathmatics! I never knew math could be so much fun! With the story and the challenging problems, Algebra in Action gives a new light to what math should look like! This is the best textbook I've ever seen for math!