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Physics - Dr. Raymond Serway, Ph.D. & Dr. Jerry Faughn, Ph.D.

Free Book PDF Download Physics Ebook

By Dr. Raymond Serway, Ph.D. & Dr. Jerry Faughn, Ph.D.

  • Release Date: 2013-05-31
  • Genre: Textbooks
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Free Book PDF Download Physics

Written by Raymond Serway and Jerry Faughn specifically for college-bound students, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Physics © 2012 is a comprehensive high-school physics program that presents a balanced and engaging approach to conceptual and problem-solving instruction. The authors’ goal was to design a student-friendly, accurate, and up-to-date text that addresses the challenges that face students learning physics today. What makes this iBook stand out are the latest technology and multimedia-rich resources. These interactive and supportive features engage students in unique and exciting ways. In addition, the content has been made even more accessible to a wide range of learners by chunking text into Main Ideas. Also included are relevant and motivating features, in-depth skills support, improved readability with strong vocabulary and reading support, and superior support for problem solving.

The 22 chapters consist of:
1. The Science of Physics
2. Motion in One Dimension
3. Two-Dimensional Motion and Vectors
4. Forces and the Laws of Motion
5. Work and Energy
6. Momentum and Collisions
7. Circular Motion and Gravitation
8. Fluid Mechanics
9. Heat
10. Thermodynamics
11. Vibrations and Waves
12. Sound
13. Light and Reflection
14. Refraction
15. Interference and Diffraction
16. Electric Forces and Fields
17. Electrical Energy and Current
18. Circuits and Circuit Elements
19. Magnetism
20. Electromagnetic Induction
21. Atomic Physics
22. Subatomic Physics

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    By Fang my, can ,in
    Haven’t even started reading it and I already hate it
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    Can’t even download to either on my macBookPro (yosimite) or my iPad mini retina. Hours with apple support didn’t do much. Tried on three different connections (each of them very stable connections with 30mpbs speed). I’m able to download other iBooks just fine. So I don’t know if it is this book! Pathetic on Apple’s part I’d say, that a simple download has to be this painful.
  • Physics

    By I_LovePhysics
    Where is the ability to enlarge the font size,,?
  • Nice high school level text, but ...

    By Deepblueguitar
    Why even bother if there are no answers for the problems?