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Free Book PDF Download Physics Ebook

By Boundless

  • Release Date: 2013-08-22
  • Genre: Science & Nature
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Free Book PDF Download Physics

Introduction to Physics is a college-level, introductory textbook that covers the complex and intriguing subject of Physics. Boundless works with subject matter experts to select the best open educational resources available on the web, review the content for quality, and create introductory, college-level textbooks designed to meet the study needs of university students.

This textbook covers:

Introduction -- The Basics of Physics, Units, Significant Figures and Order of Magnitude, Solving Physics Problems
Kinematics -- Basics of Kinematics, Speed and Velocity, Acceleration, Problem-Solving for Basic Kinematics, Free-Falling Objects
Two-Dimensional Kinematics -- Motion in Two Dimensions, Vectors, Projectile Motion, Multiple Velocities
The Laws of Motion -- Introduction, Force and Mass, Newton's Laws, Other Examples of Forces, Problem-Solving, Vector Nature of Forces, Further Applications of Newton's Laws
Uniform Circular Motion and Gravitation -- Introduction to UCM and Gravitation, Non-Uniform Circular Motion, Velocity, Acceleration, and Force, Types of Forces in Nature, Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, Kepler's Laws, Gravitational Potential Energy, Energy Conservation, Angular vs. Linear Quantities
Work and Energy -- Introduction, Work Done by a Constant Force, Work Done by a Variable Force, Work-Energy Theorem, Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy, Power, CASE STUDY: World Energy Use, Further Topics
Linear Momentum and Collisions -- Introduction, Conservation of Momentum, Collisions, Rocket Propulsion, Center of Mass
Static Equilibrium, Elasticity, and Torque -- Introduction, Conditions for Equilibrium, Stability, Solving Statics Problems, Applications of Statics, Elasticity, Stress, Strain, and Fracture, The Center of Gravity, Torque and Angular Acceleration
Rotational Kinematics, Angular Momentum, and Energy -- Quantities of Rotational Kinematics, Angular Acceleration, Rotational Kinematics, Dynamics, Rotational Kinetic Energy, Conservation of Angular Momentum, Vector Nature of Rotational Kinematics, Problem Solving, Linear and Rotational Quantities, Conservation of Energy
Fluids -- Introduction, Density and Pressure, Archimedes' Principle, Cohesion and Adhesion, Fluids in Motion, Deformation of Solids
Fluid Dynamics and Its Applications -- Overview, Flow in Tubes, Bernoulli's Equation, Other Applications
Temperature and Kinetic Theory -- Introduction, Temperature and Temperature Scales, Thermal Expansion, Ideal Gas Law, Kinetic Theory, Phase Changes, The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, Thermal Stresses, Diffusion
Heat and Heat Transfer -- Introduction, Specific Heat, Phase Change and Latent Heat, Methods of Heat Transfer, Global Warming, Phase Equilbrium
Thermodynamics -- Introduction, The First Law of Thermodynamics, The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy, The Third Law of Thermodynamics
Waves and Vibrations -- Introduction, Hooke's Law, Periodic Motion, Damped and Driven Oscillations, Waves, Wave Behavior and Interaction, Waves on Strings
Sound -- Introduction, Sound Intensity and Level, Doppler Effect and Sonic Booms, Interactions with Sound Waves, Further Topics
Electric Charge and Field -- Overview, Shelding and Charging Through Induction, Coulomb's Law, The Electric Field Revisited, Electric Flux and Gauss's Law, Applications of Electrostatics
Electric Potential and Electric Field -- Overview, Equipotential Surfaces and Lines, Point Charge, Capacitors and Dielectrics, Applications
Electric Current and Resistance -- Overview, Electric Current, Resistance and Resistors, Electric Power and Energy, Alternating Currents, Electricity in the World

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