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Biology  for kids - Chris Newman

Free Book PDF Download Biology for kids Ebook

By Chris Newman

  • Release Date: 2014-05-05
  • Genre: Biology


Free Book PDF Download Biology for kids

Biology for kids is a brand new ebook that is planned, designed and written from the ground up for children aged 7 to 10.
Our author has applied the following approaches consistently throughout the ebook:
Accessible language is used to help diverse learners of different linguistic capability learn and develop knowledge and understanding in Biology. • Clean, crisp and uncluttered postcard-style layout increases readability, learnability and usability. In our opinion, empty is full, simple is beautiful! • Powerful images instantly hook children’s attention to keep them motivated and excited about learning Biology. • Fixed-landscape orientation for reading is adopted, just to break away from the typical portrait reading orientation of most textbooks. • Rich content but not overloaded with complex text and hard facts; after all, we believe learning Biology should be fun and enjoyable! Key features of Biology for kids:
Think about this questions are articulated at the start of each chapter to ignite deeper thinking. • Learn about this provokes interests, thoughts and respects to the chapter context. • Keywords are listed on each chapter opener. • Think, Puzzle, Explore questions are also articulated at the chapter opener to spark critical thinking. • Chapter Review at the end of each chapter contains questions that are organised in Bloom’s taxonomy sequence to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). This ebook covers three topic areas that are organised in a logical and easy-to-follow sequence:
Chapter 1: Basic needs. This chapter helps readers build a base of knowledge about the basic needs of humans, plants and animals. At the end of chapter, readers are expected to know the basic needs of living things and how they support and sustain lives. • Chapter 2: Life processes. This chapter develops fundamental concepts in different life processes carry out by humans. At the end of this chapter, readers are expected to understand the importance of life processes and to think about the necessary actions for living healthy lifestyles, such as healthy eating habits. • Chapter 3: Protection. This chapter helps students identify and describe examples of physical features or behaviours of animals and plants that protect them from predators and extreme climates. At the end of this chapter, readers are expected to understand how animals and plants survive in particular environments. This ebook can be used as a revision guide, a supplementary material, a core classroom resource, or an extension material for self-study in preparation for TIMSS* assessments.

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