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Music Theory - Rosa Suen

Free Book PDF Download Music Theory Ebook

By Rosa Suen

  • Release Date: 2014-07-04
  • Genre: Music


Free Book PDF Download Music Theory

This music theory book "Music Theory Basic Chords"  lays a firm foundation for all piano, guitar and ukulele players who want to learn basic chords.

Once you understand basic chords and how they are structured, you will be able to build extended chords with color tones.

This Music Theory book is suitable for beginners or anyone who wants to have a thorough understanding of basic chords in music. By learning basic chords, you are able to play many songs already. I also provide a list of songs that you can play with these basic chords.

The following topics are covered:

1.1 Major Scales
1.2 The 12 Major Scales
1.3 Sounds of the Major Scale of 12 Keys
2.1 Basic Triad Chords
2.2 Major and Minor Triads
2.3 The 7 Diatonic Chords in the Key of C
2.4 How the 7 Diatnoic Chords are formed in Key of C
2.5 A Summary Chart of the 7 Diatonic Chords in the Key of C
2.6 Think in Roman Numerals
2.7 Many songs can be harmonized with 3 Major Chords
2.8 Summary Chart of Diatonic Chords of all 12 Keys
2.9 The Sound of Major Triads
3.1 Dominant Chord V7
3.2 There are many types of 7th chords
3.3 The V7 CHORD in Key of C
3.4 Dominant 7 - b7
3.5 Dominant V7 and Tonic I
3.6 V7 wants to resolve to I
3.7 V7 to I is a Perfect Cadence
3.8 V7 to I Resolution
4.1 The Subdominant Chord - IV Chord
4.2 IV to I is the Plagal Cadence
4.3 The plagal cadence IV to I in all 12 keys
4.4. IV to I - Amen Resolution
5.1 Basic Understanding of Circle of 5ths
5.2 The Diagram of the Circle of 5ths
5.3 12 Key Signatures
5.4 Flats and Sharps
5.5 Use the Circle to identify I IV V7 of all 12 Keys


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